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Trey Lance Traded to Cowboys for 4th-Round Pick


Trey Lance, the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, is reportedly in trade talks with the Dallas Cowboys, according to a recent report by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport. According to the insider sources, the 49ers are anticipating trading for Lance in return for a fourth-round selection in the 2024 draught.

The History

of order to choose Trey Lance with the third overall choice of the 2021 NFL Draught, the 49ers had to exchange three first-round picks. However, the organisation revealed early on in the season that Lance would be the third quarterback on the field, after starter Jimmy Garoppolo and backup Sam Darnold.

A New Chance

During a broadcast of the 49ers’ preseason game, general manager John Lynch voiced his enthusiasm for Trey Lance. We took a swing, but it didn’t work, he said. Ours is that. We’re in charge of it. But I feel that his tale is still being written, as I suppose you all do. For Trey, I’m thrilled. Dallas made a step towards capturing him because he was truly interested in doing so. And I believe it will be a great place for him to land.

This wasn’t because to Trey or our lack of effort, I can assure everyone. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he overcame certain injuries, and now this squad is prepared to triumph. We enjoy having a quarterback room.We approve of Brian Allen. We will always have affection for that young man and be inspired by his character and work ethic.

Coach’s Self-Belief

Trey Lance’s potential for success, whether with the club or elsewhere, is something that head coach Kyle Shanahan has continued to believe in. After the news, Lance, according to Shanahan, expressed an interest in looking into other chances where he may have a shot at being the number 2 quarterback. In Shanahan’s words, “He’s going to look for another chance where he can get that No. 2 spot somewhere else or with us.” He said that the team has received some solid bids, with other teams showing interest in Lance.

Trey Lanceimg

The Trade Result

Trey Lance’s tenure as a starter with the 49ers ends with 797 passing yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions in just eight games over the course of two seasons. Now that Lance is getting ready to go on a new journey with the Dallas Cowboys, the subject of where he will slot into the existing depth chart emerges. Dallas’ starting quarterback Dak Prescott is still in the lineup, with Cooper Rush and Will Grier as potential backups.

Future Possibilities

Despite the difficulties and injuries he had during his first NFL seasons, Lance’s potential is yet unrealized. According to the article, Lance might eventually replace the team’s third-string signal-caller as he develops. The door is still open for Lance to rewrite his NFL history with a youthful squad and a chance to have a big impact at a reduced cost.


Q1: What sparked Trey Lance and the Dallas Cowboys to discuss a trade?

A: Trey Lance’s willingness to look into possibilities for a better slot on the depth chart led to conversations with the Dallas Cowboys, which led to the trade negotiations.

Q2: What happened during Trey Lance’s time playing with the San Francisco 49ers?

A: Trey Lance’s tenure with the 49ers was limited in terms of playing action, and he faced difficulties because of injuries, which finally prompted trade talks with the Dallas Cowboys.

Q3What are Trey Lance’s chances of playing for the Dallas Cowboys?

A: Trey Lance has the potential to have an impact with the Dallas Cowboys if given the chance to contend for a higher place on the depth chart.

Q4: How did the San Francisco 49ers first come into possession of Trey Lance?

A: The 49ers traded three first-round selections in order to choose Trey Lance with the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draught.

Q5How likely is it that Trey Lance will remain in the NFL?

A: Despite obstacles, Trey Lance’s potential is yet unrealized, and he will continue his adventure with the Dallas Cowboys, where he will have the chance to rewrite his NFL history.



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