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Top 10 Cricket Highlights Every Fan Should Watch

Many unforgettable moments have lit up the cricketing world over the years, captivating fans and leaving a lasting impact on the sport. In this curated list, we bring you the top 10 cricket highlights that every fan should witness, showcasing the brilliance and excitement that make cricket truly special. Get ready to relive the most thrilling and iconic moments in cricket history.

Sachin’s First Century

Debut Against Pakistan

One of the most memorable cricket highlights every fan should watch is Sachin Tendulkar’s first century, which he scored at the age of 17 during his debut test match against Pakistan in 1989. It was a remarkable innings that hinted at the greatness that was to come from the young cricketer.

Masterclass Innings

There’s no denying that Sachin Tendulkar’s masterclass innings are a must-watch for any cricket fan. His ability to dominate bowlers from all around the world with his impeccable technique and strokeplay is a sight to behold. It’s no wonder he is considered one of the greatest batsmen in the history of the sport.

It is fascinating to see how Sachin Tendulkar’s meticulous approach to batting allowed him to accumulate runs consistently and with such finesse throughout his career. His ability to adapt to different conditions and oppositions truly sets him apart as a cricketing genius.

Warne’s Ball of Century

Mike Gatting’s Dismissal

One of the most iconic moments in cricket history is Shane Warne’s ‘Ball of the Century’ during the 1993 Ashes series. The delivery that spun sharply to dismiss Mike Gatting left fans and experts in awe of Warne’s exceptional talent and skill as a spin bowler.

Unplayable Leg Spin

You cannot talk about cricket highlights without mentioning Shane Warne’s mastery of leg spin bowling. His ability to bamboozle batsmen with vicious turn and bounce made him a nightmare for even the best in the world. Watching Warne bowl his unplayable leg spin deliveries is a true treat for any cricket enthusiast.

Spin: Shane Warne’s legend as a spin bowler was solidified by his incredible performances on the field. His variations, control, and ability to deceive batsmen with his prodigious turn made him one of the greatest spin bowlers of all time.

India’s World Cup Win

India’s World Cup victory in 2011 was a historic moment that captured the hearts of cricket fans worldwide. The team’s journey to the final and eventual triumph showcased the talent and resilience of Indian cricket.

Dhoni’s Winning Six

For fans, one of the most iconic moments of the 2011 World Cup final was when captain MS Dhoni sealed the victory with a massive six. The shot will forever be etched in cricketing folklore as one of the most memorable moments in World Cup history.

Emotional Celebrations

Dhoni’s calm demeanor on the field belied the emotional celebrations that followed the victory. The images of players shedding tears of joy, lifting the trophy, and celebrating with the fans are etched in the memories of cricket enthusiasts around the globe.

Celebrations continued for days as the team was welcomed back to India with massive crowds lining the streets, honoring their heroes and celebrating a momentous achievement in Indian cricket history.

Muralitharan’s 800th Wicket

Record-Breaking Achievement

You’ll be amazed by Muttiah Muralitharan’s incredible feat of taking 800 Test wickets. This record-breaking achievement solidified his position as one of the greatest spin bowlers in the history of cricket.

Sri Lankan Pride

Even for a cricket-crazy nation like Sri Lanka, Muralitharan’s 800th wicket was a moment of immense pride. It showcased the talent and skill that Sri Lankan cricketers possess on the global stage.

This phenomenal milestone not only put Sri Lanka on the map in the cricketing world but also inspired a generation of young cricketers in the country to aim for greatness on the field.

AB de Villiers’ Fastest Century

Record-Breaking Innings

Keep your eyes glued to the screen as you witness AB de Villiers’ incredible display of skill and power during his fastest century in cricket history. This innings by the South African maestro is nothing short of breathtaking.

Unstoppable Force

If you ever doubted the term ‘unstoppable force’, AB de Villiers’ fastest century will make you a believer. His ability to dominate the bowlers and completely take control of the game is a sight to behold.

Little can stand in his way when he decides to unleash his full potential on the cricket field. Whether it’s smashing boundaries or running between the wickets like a gazelle, AB de Villiers is a force to be reckoned with.

Witnessing de Villiers in action during his fastest century is a cricket fan’s dream come true. His sheer talent, coupled with his determination and agility, cements his reputation as one of the all-time greats in the sport.

Australia’s Ashes Dominance

Whitewash Victory

Dominance was once again displayed by Australia in the Ashes as they achieved a whitewash victory over England. The 5-0 scoreline was a testament to Australia’s superiority in the series.

English Demolition

One of the most memorable moments in Australia’s Ashes dominance was the English Demolition in the series. The Australian team showcased exceptional skills and determination throughout the matches, leaving the English side struggling to keep up.

Any cricket fan watching the Ashes during that period would have been in awe of Australia’s performance. The way they dismantled the English team with both bat and ball was a sight to behold, solidifying their reputation as a cricket powerhouse.

Brian Lara’s 400 Not Out

Unbeaten Masterclass

Many cricket fans consider Brian Lara’s unbeaten 400 against England in 2004 as one of the greatest innings in the history of the sport. Lara’s sheer dominance and masterclass on the field left spectators in awe.

Highest Individual Score

An incredible feat in the world of cricket, Brian Lara’s 400 not out remains the highest individual score in Test cricket history. Surpassing the previous record of 380, Lara’s monumental innings set a new benchmark in the game.

Individual records are a significant part of cricket’s history and can define a player’s legacy. Brian Lara’s achievement of scoring 400 runs in a single Test innings showcases his exceptional talent and skill as a batsman that is unlikely to be surpassed any time soon.

Pakistan’s Champions Trophy Win

Stunning Upset Victory

Little was expected of Pakistan when they faced off against arch-rivals India in the final of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. However, Pakistan staged a remarkable upset by defeating the defending champions, who were heavily favored to win.

Unforgettable Celebrations

Celebrations erupted across Pakistan as fans rejoiced in the unexpected victory. The players were welcomed home as heroes, with crowds lining the streets and fireworks lighting up the sky.

The victory was particularly sweet for Pakistan, as it marked their first major ICC tournament win in over two decades.

Kohli’s Consecutive Centuries

Unstoppable Run Machine

All eyes were on Virat Kohli as he began his remarkable streak of scoring centuries in consecutive matches. His unbelievable consistency and relentless drive to excel on the cricket field truly solidified his reputation as an unstoppable run machine.

Indian Cricket’s Pride

Kohli’s consecutive centuries not only made headlines globally but also brought immense pride to Indian cricket fans. His exceptional talent and unwavering dedication showcased the caliber of players emerging from India, further solidifying the country’s reputation as a cricket powerhouse.

Virat Kohli’s consecutive centuries not only displayed his individual brilliance but also highlighted the depth of talent in Indian cricket. His achievements inspired a generation of young cricketers to dream big and strive for excellence on the field.


Following this curated list of the top 10 cricket highlights every fan should watch will give you a deep insight into the most exciting and unforgettable moments in the sport. From thrilling World Cup finals to record-breaking individual performances, these highlights are necessary viewing for any cricket enthusiast seeking to relive the most iconic moments in the game’s history.



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