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Tim Wakefield Selfless Teammate and Extraordinary Human

Tim Wakefield: A Remarkable Career Cut Short

Tim Wakefield, the illustrious figure in the history of the Boston Red Sox, passed away at the age of 57 due to brain cancer. Commissioner Rob Manfred expressed deep sorrow, stating, “We are greatly saddened by the loss of Tim Wakefield, one of our generation’s most unique pitchers and a vital part of the successful era in the Boston Red Sox history.”

An Extraordinary Pitcher and Team Player

Tim’s knuckleball granted him excellence, allowing him to shine as a rookie with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1992. He commenced his 17-year tenure with the Boston Red Sox in 1995, leaving an indelible mark. Tim was not just a versatile and dependable All-Star pitcher; he was more than a two-time World Series champion. In 2010, he was honored with the Roberto Clemente Award for his dedicated service to the New England communities, a testament to his commitment beyond the baseball field.

A True Gentleman of the Game

Major owner John Henry remarked, “Tim’s kindness and unwavering spirit were as renowned as his knuckleball.” He not only captivated us on the field but also off it, leaving behind a legacy that stretches far beyond record books. His ability to inspire, uplift, and connect with others was unparalleled, truly defining greatness. He embraced the essence of being a Boston Red Sox member, and his absence is deeply felt by us all.

Remembering Tim Wakefield

The Red Sox expressed their condolences on Tim Wakefield’s passing. As a prominent figure in two World Series championship teams in Boston, he leaves behind his wife Stacey, son Trevor, and daughter Brianna. Tim’s legacy in the Major League encompasses 200 victories, with 186 of them secured for the Red Sox. His achievements place him just behind Cy Young and Roger Clemens, who each achieved 192 wins for the Red Sox.

Beyond the Diamond

Tim Wakefield was not only an exceptional athlete but also an extraordinary human being. He continued to be an active community member even after retiring from baseball in 2012. Red Sox President and CEO Sam Kennedy noted, “Shining brighter than his remarkable career as a two-time World Series champion is the exceptional person he was. Tim was not only an extraordinary pitcher; he was a broadcaster who touched people with his warmth and genuine nature.”

Honoring a Legend

In 2016, Tim Wakefield was nominated for the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Seeing all his accomplishments on display was awe-inspiring, especially considering the position he was in when he was signed by the team. Released by the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 20, 1995, after acting in the National League Championship Series against the Braves in 1992, any team could have chosen him.

tim wakefield death

A Memorable Return

Under the leadership of General Manager Dan Duquette, the Red Sox signed him six days later. After establishing his prowess in the minor leagues for a few months, Wakefield made a spectacular debut in the team’s history, boasting one of the most impressive runs in the history of the team, with an ERA of 1.65 and a record of 14-1 in his first 17 starts for the American League East-winning team.

A True Red Sox Icon

Over the course of his 19 Major League seasons, 17 of which were with the Red Sox, Tim Wakefield became a beloved teammate and an outstanding professional. In 2009, he earned his first All-Star nod when he was chosen by then-manager Joe Maddon for the team.

A Champion Through and Through

During his time with the Red Sox, Wakefield was a member of nine postseason teams, notably in the 2004 and ’07 World Series championships. While Game 4 of the 2004 AL Championship Series against the Yankees, remembered for Dave Roberts’ steal and David Ortiz’s consecutive heroics after a 3-0 deficit, marked the historic turnaround, Manager Terry Francona has always said that the comeback began with a selfless act by Wakefield.

Tim Wakefield’s legacy will forever remain in the hearts of baseball fans and the Boston Red Sox Nation. His contributions to the game and his community resonate as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

Embracing the Unconventional

In the midst of a 19-8 defeat in Game 3 of the Red Sox series, Tim Wakefield displayed unwavering determination. With selflessness, he took to the field, sacrificing his own statistics to preserve the bullpen for Game 4.

A Turning Point: A Heroic 14-Inning Classic

Two days later, Wakefield emerged from the bullpen, showcasing a high-leverage performance. He cleared the way for the Yankees in the last three innings, securing a 5-4 victory for Boston in New York and turning the tide of the series.

The Triumph of Game 7: A Glorious Victory

Amidst the jubilation of Boston’s spectacular win in Game 7, Wakefield received instructions from some teammates to return to Yankee Stadium’s hallowed grounds and retrieve a piece of history. It was a year prior that Wakefield had granted Aaron Boone a walk-off home run, sending the Yankees to the World Series.

A Revered Figure in the Baseball Fraternity

“Tim was a great player in his time, and he was truly respected and loved in the baseball world and our baseball brotherhood,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone remarked when Wakefield’s name resurfaced.

A Night of Honor and Appreciation

In January, at the annual Boston Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America dinner, Wakefield made his first public appearance after Boone’s homer. The crowd welcomed him with resounding applause.

Induction into the Red Sox Hall of Fame

Upon being selected for the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2016, Wakefield expressed, “This is a tremendous honor. I am extremely excited about it.”

The Evolution: From Light-Hitting First Baseman to Knuckleball Maestro

Initiating his professional career as a light-hitting first baseman in the Pittsburgh Pirates farm system, Wakefield developed the knuckleball. The pitch would go on to save his career.

A Legacy of Unforgettable Pitches

With the likes of legendary knuckleballers like Charlie Hough and the Niekro brothers (Phil and Joe) as inspirations, Wakefield harnessed the unique pitch for a memorable career.

Beyond the Field: A Pillar of Strength in the Community

Apart from his on-field heroics, Wakefield stood as a pillar of strength in the community, both during his playing career and retirement. In retirement, he served as the esteemed chairman of the Red Sox Foundation.

The Roberto Clemente Award: A Testament to Character and Contribution

Wakefield was nominated for the prestigious Roberto Clemente Award by the Red Sox eight times and clinched the honor in 2010. This award is bestowed annually in MLB to the player who best represents the game through extraordinary character, community involvement, philanthropy, and positive contributions, both on and off the field.


  1. Who was Tim Wakefield and what was his impact on the Boston Red Sox?
    • Tim Wakefield was a renowned pitcher who played a pivotal role in the success of the Boston Red Sox. His knuckleball pitch made him stand out, and he contributed significantly during his 17-year tenure with the team.
  2. What accolades did Tim Wakefield receive during his career?
    • Tim Wakefield was a two-time World Series champion and received the prestigious Roberto Clemente Award in 2010 for his dedicated community service. His achievements placed him among the elite in Red Sox history.
  3. How did Tim Wakefield continue to make a difference after retiring from baseball?
    • Even after retiring in 2012, Tim Wakefield remained an active member of the community. He served as the chairman of the Red Sox Foundation, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the field.
  4. What is Tim Wakefield’s legacy in the world of baseball?
    • Tim Wakefield’s legacy extends far beyond his impressive pitching statistics. He was known for his kindness, unwavering spirit, and ability to inspire and connect with others. His impact on the game and the community is celebrated and revered.
  5. Can you share a memorable moment from Tim Wakefield’s career?
    • One of the most memorable moments in Tim Wakefield’s career was his selfless act in Game 4 of the 2004 AL Championship Series. This act is considered a turning point in the historic comeback that led the Red Sox to a World Series championship.


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