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Jeezy Files Divorce from TV Host Jeannie Mai After 2 Years

Jeezy Files for Divorce: Breaking News

In a startling turn of events, renowned rapper Jeezy, whose real name is J. Ven Jenkins, filed a complaint for divorce in the Fulton County Superior Court of Georgia on Thursday, as confirmed by The Times. According to legal documents, Jeezy and Jenny are currently residing in separate circumstances

The Couple’s Silent Struggles

Representatives for Gigi, aged 45, and Jenny, aged 44, did not immediately respond to The Times’ inquiries for comments on Friday.

Besides the divorce, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution initially reported that Gigi sought legal and physical custody of their one-year-old daughter, Monaco, in the prenuptial agreement.

Unveiling the Matrimonial Puzzle

Jenny, the former co-host of “The Real,” and Gigi tied the knot in March 2021 after meeting on the set of the canceled daytime talk show. A year later, they welcomed their daughter into the world.

This divorce revelation surfaced in May, months after Jenny spoke candidly about her life as a wife and mother on the “Jennifer Hudson Show.”

The Rocky Road to Separation

Two and a half years after their wedding, Gigi has officially filed for divorce from his wife and former TV host, Jenny Mai, as confirmed by Billboard. The rapper lodged the petition on Thursday, September 14th, in the Fulton County Superior Court of Georgia. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which first broke the news, revealed that the couple’s marriage has come to an end, with Gigi pressing for joint legal and physical custody of their one-year-old daughter, Monaco.

A Chapter Concludes, Another Begins

As per the documents reviewed by Billboard, the filing states that the former couple is currently in a state of separation. Gigi maintains that the marriage has “irretrievably broken down” with “no hope for reconciliation.”

Billboard has reached out to representatives of Gigi and Jenny for comments.

From Secrecy to Revelation

Their encounter took place during Jenny’s tenure on “The Real” in 2018, though they remained tight-lipped about their dating status. Eventually, the couple confirmed they were dating in 2019 and announced their engagement the following year. Due to stringent COVID-19 restrictions, they relocated their wedding from France to their Georgia residence in 2021, where they hosted an intimate gathering.

In April 2021, Mai told Vogue, “We were really looking forward to celebrating with all of our friends and family there. But we had to change all of our wedding plans due to COVID.” After Gigi’s mother’s unexpected passing, we quickly realized how short life is. At the end of the day, Gigi and I simply wanted to be husband and wife. So, we decided to turn our original wedding into a mini-mony, where we exchanged our vows in front of our immediate family and a few close friends.

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Welcoming Their Firstborn

At the end of 2022, Gigi and Mai joyfully welcomed their first child. “I asked God for a life filled with love and joy. He sent me my family,” Mai announced on Instagram at the time. “Baby Jenkins is here.”

“I got married, I fell in love,” she said. “You never know what life brings. The best part is being true to yourself.”

A Mother’s Lessons

During her tenure on the “Jennifer Hudson Show,” Mai also talked about teaching her daughter, who is of Vietnamese and African-American heritage, to “own who she is more than anything.” She revealed that baby Monaco divides her time among each family on both sides—Gigi’s in Atlanta and Mai’s in the Bay Area.

“She understands both sides, and I only speak Vietnamese to her. And then Daddy speaks only in Southern to her. I don’t know what’s going to happen, we’ll see.”

Just last week, Mai and Monaco featured in an Instagram video on September 6th, endorsing Gigi’s memoir, “Adversity For Sale.” Mai expressed admiration for her husband, stating that his book “blew me away with your strength and intelligence.”

Gigi was not featured in the video; his image was omitted from the cover page of the memoir.

On Instagram, Gigi is currently promoting upcoming speaking engagements and music events. He is set to perform at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas on Friday night.

The day he filed for divorce, Gigi shared a collection of outfit photos on Instagram. Dressed in a leather jacket, deep-hued pants, brown boots, oversized chain, and sunglasses, the rapper, also known as Snowman, stood before a Mercedes-Benz sedan.

“I’m focusing heavily on who I’m becoming and paying no mind to who isn’t coming with me.” he captioned the photos.

This report features contributions from Times staff researcher Scott Wilson.


Why did Gigi file for divorce?

  • Gigi, also known as J. Ven Jenkins, filed for divorce in Fulton County Superior Court, Georgia, citing undisclosed reasons for the separation.

What is the status of Gigi and Jeezy’s relationship?

  • Currently, Gigi and Jenny are living separately, as per legal documents filed in court.
  • Alongside the divorce, Gigi sought both legal and physical custody of their one-year-old daughter, Monaco, according to reports.

When did Gigi and Jenny get married?

  • Gigi and Jenny tied the knot in March 2021, a year before welcoming their daughter.

Why did the couple decide to alter their wedding plans due to COVID-19?

  • Due to the pandemic and unforeseen circumstances, Gigi and Jenny transformed their original wedding into a more intimate ceremony with close family and friends.


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