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Damian Lillard Traded to Bucks in 3-Team Blockbuster

Damian Lillard: Game-Changing Trade, His NBA Journey Takes a Turn

In a surprising turn of events, a reliable source revealed on Wednesday that Damian Lillard journey in the NBA is poised to take a new direction. The Portland Trail Blazers are in discussions with the Milwaukee Bucks for an enticing trade deal. This potential transaction marks the culmination of Lillard’s remarkable 11-year tenure with the Trail Blazers, framing a narrative that has unfolded over the past three months.

The Three-Team Deal

As per reports from the Associated Press, the trade encompasses not only the Trail Blazers and the Bucks but also the Phoenix Suns. The seven-time All-Star, known for his exceptional skills, finds himself heading to Milwaukee, while Juwan Howard is en route from Portland to the Bucks, sending Deyandre Ayton to the Trail Blazers.

Terms of the Trade

Portland is set to acquire an unprotected first-round draft pick in 2029, along with two more unprotected first-round picks in 2028 and 2030 through swaps. However, finalization of the trade is contingent upon NBA representatives reviewing and granting approval to the terms, potentially allowing Holiday to be relocated elsewhere.

Exploring New Avenues

The potential move of Holiday to Portland is being contemplated by the Blazers, who express interest in trading for the Philadelphia 76ers star point guard. Holiday began his career with the 76ers, playing in Philadelphia for four seasons before the trade in 2013. While the 76ers are currently navigating their star-studded status with James Harden, they have reportedly terminated trade talks related to the 2018 MVP season.

Lillard’s Revelation

On July 1st, it came to light that Lillard had expressed interest in a trade from the Trail Blazers, with rumors swirling for quite some time that he is eyeing a contender to play for. Portland, with its current roster, may not provide him with ample opportunities.

A Shift to Milwaukee

Lillard made it clear that he desired to go to Miami. Portland, however, declined this request, leaving the Bucks as the new powerhouse with a formidable duo of Lillard and Antetokounmpo.

Tactical Adjustments

In response to an unexpected loss in the first round of the previous playoffs, the trade with the Bucks signifies a dramatic off-season shift for the Blazers. Following the playoff defeat, Coach Mike Budenholzer was relieved of his duties, replaced by Adrian Griffin, who had previously served as an assistant for the Toronto Raptors.

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A Strategic Acquisition

The deal with the Bucks secures the services of Damian Lillard, a seven-time NBA All-Star, twice over. The acquisition is indicative of Milwaukee’s commitment to strengthen their roster for the upcoming season.

The Financial Implications

Bringing Lillard to Milwaukee is undoubtedly a commitment to excellence. This high-scoring guard now places Milwaukee ahead of even Miami, one of the biggest challenges in the Eastern Conference.


In the end, the trade between the Bucks and the Blazers is seen as a win-win for all parties involved. It required a substantial package to bring this deal to fruition, especially considering Lillard’s significant payout over the next four years. He is set to earn approximately $46 million in the upcoming season, and if he exercises his option for the 2026-27 season, he could potentially earn up to $216 million over the next four years.

A Transformative Move

This is a significant and potentially very rewarding investment, as Lillard’s acquisition could lead the Bucks to even more championship contention. In the previous season, he averaged 32.2 points per game, continuing a streak of at least 24 points per game in each of the last eight seasons, displaying an attacking prowess that few players in the NBA possess.

An NBA Milestone

By scoring 71 points against the Houston Rockets on February 26th, Lillard became the seventh player in NBA history to score over 70 points in a single game. Among the notable names in this list are Wilt Chamberlain (who accomplished this feat five times), Kobe Bryant, David Thompson, David Robinson, Elgin Baylor, and Donovan Mitchell. Notably, all six other players were between the ages of 23 and 28 when they achieved 71 points or more in a game; Lillard, at 32, stands as a clear indicator that he is far from reaching his peak, even after 11 seasons in the NBA.

The Legacy Lives On

Lillard’s legacy is one of greatness. Portland may not have it, and apparently, he doesn’t see it changing anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

While Lillard was a beloved figure in Portland, speculations about his future with the team gained traction when the Blazers opted to select point guard Scottie Henderson with the number 3 overall pick in the June draft, rather than packaging a pick for a proven commodity. In Lillard’s 11 seasons with Portland, the team only clinched four playoff series victories, with one Western Conference Final appearance.

Beyond Statistics

Lillard’s career average of 25.2 points per game places him at 11th in NBA history among all players who have participated in at least 500 games. He has played at least 50-point games in his career – two of which were in the playoffs – and he is a recipient of the Rookie of the Year, six-time All-Star, and an NBA Citizenship Award winner.

A Remarkable Journey

A Olympic gold medalist, he was unanimously selected as the MVP of the Seeding Games when the Disney World “bubble” season resumed amid the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and he even won the 3-point competition in the All-Star Weekend in February.

A Game Changer

His prowess on the court is complete. His game-winning shot to eliminate the Oklahoma City Thunder from the 2019 NBA Playoffs – a step-back 3-pointer over Paul George from nearly 40 feet as time expired – is not only a highlight in Portland history but also a revered moment in NBA history.


Q: What is the key development regarding Damian Lillard’s NBA career?

  • In a surprising turn of events, it was revealed that Damian Lillard’s NBA journey is set to take a new direction. The Portland Trail Blazers are in discussions with the Milwaukee Bucks for a significant trade deal.

Q: Can you provide details about the three-team deal involving Damian Lillard?

  • Certainly. The trade involves the Portland Trail Blazers, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Phoenix Suns. Lillard, a seven-time All-Star, is headed to Milwaukee, while Juwan Howard is making the move from Portland to the Bucks. Additionally, Deyandre Ayton will be joining the Trail Blazers.

Q: What are the terms of the trade for the Portland Trail Blazers?

  • The Trail Blazers are poised to acquire an unprotected first-round draft pick in 2029, along with two more unprotected first-round picks in 2028 and 2030 through swaps. However, final approval from NBA representatives is still pending, which could potentially affect the relocation of another player.

Q: Is there a possibility of Jrue Holiday being involved in the trade?

  • Yes, the potential move of Jrue Holiday to Portland is being considered. The Blazers are expressing interest in trading for the star point guard from the Philadelphia 76ers. Holiday previously played in Philadelphia for four seasons before a trade in 2013.

Q: Why did Damian Lillard express interest in a trade from the Trail Blazers?

  • On July 1st, it was revealed that Lillard expressed interest in a trade, with rumors suggesting he was seeking a contender to play for. It seems that Portland’s current roster may not provide him with the opportunities he desires.


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