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Asia Cup 2023: Babar Prepares Pakistan for India


In a recent cricket encounter, Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam showcased his leadership prowess by leading his team to a comprehensive victory against Nepal. After this victory, they are now bursting with confidence as they get ready for the forthcoming Asia Cup 2023 mega encounter against their arch rivals, India.

Dominant Victory by Pakistan’s Captain Babar Azam Sets the Tone for Asia Cup Blockbuster Against India

In the opening match of a new season, Pakistan’s skipper Babar Azam’s dynamic leadership shined brightly as he guided his team to a comprehensive victory against Nepal. With an expansive triumph under their belt, Babar expressed his confidence that his team would be filled with self-assurance as they gear up to face formidable rivals, India, in the Asia Cup blockbuster on Saturday.

Babar Azam’s Commanding Performance

Taking charge from the forefront, Babar Azam displayed a stunning performance by scoring a remarkable 151 runs, while Ifthikar Ahmed contributed a noteworthy 109 runs, propelling Pakistan to a formidable score of 342-6 at the Multan Cricket Stadium.

Babar’s Stellar Performance

Under Babar’s astute leadership, he crafted an impressive 151 runs, while Ifthikar Ahmed’s noteworthy 109 runs bolstered Pakistan’s score to a formidable 342-6 at the Multan Cricket Stadium.

Defeating Nepal and Setting the Stage

The co-hosts of the tournament, who were making their debut in the Asia Cup, decimated Nepal by restricting them to 104 runs in 23.4 overs, securing their third-largest victory in One Day Internationals.

Babar Azam, selected as the Player of the Match for his remarkable 19th ODI century, stated, “This match was good preparation for the game against India, boosting our confidence.”

The Intense India-Pakistan Rivalry

Babar confidently expressed, “India and Pakistan will always bring heightened intensity. We aim to give our 100% in every match, and we hope to do the same there.”


Babar’s Confidence and Style

Speaking about the anticipated India-Pakistan match, Babar exuded optimism, “The India-Pakistan encounter always brings heightened intensity. We aim to give our 100% in every match, and we hope to replicate the same against India.”

Top-order batsman Babar demonstrated a chic right-handed batting style while proving his prowess with an outstanding effort.

100 years and beyond

Babar’s innings saw him reach his half-century in 72 balls, and then he accelerated, completing his century in just 109 balls. He continued in T20 fashion, adding 51 runs off the next 22 balls.

Setting the Stage for Asia Cup 2023

In the opening encounter of the Asia Cup, host Pakistan defeated Nepal by 238 runs, setting a strong precedent. With this important triumph, worries over India’s future are certain to increase. The much-anticipated clash between India and Pakistan is scheduled for September 2. Pakistan’s performance in the opening match highlighted not only their batting prowess but also the outstanding form of their bowlers.

Pakistan stumbled Nepal early, taking two wickets for 25 runs. Babar Azam then played a captain’s innings, steadying the ship. He completed his century in 110 balls and proceeded to add 50 runs off the next 20 balls, showcasing remarkable strike-rate acceleration.

The excellent play of Babar Azam might be a major obstacle for India. Furthermore, Ifthikar Ahmed’s impressive 109 off 71 balls marks his maiden century in ODIs.His performance also appears to offer a remedy for Pakistan’s middle-order difficulties.

Pakistan continues to lead in every field.

Babar’s Centuries and Flourishing Innings

Completing his half-century in 72 balls, Babar surged forward, completing his century in just 109 balls. He also demonstrated his T20 brilliance by scoring 51 more runs in the following 22 deliveries.

The Approach and Plan of Babar

“When I entered the crease, I struggled to get the right feel for the ball,” Babar said when discussing his innings. I thus concentrated on establishing a relationship with Rizwan.

“Ifthikar also played a remarkable innings,” he continued. I told him to play his natural game when he first entered, and after a few restrictions, he was at ease.

Considering the Task Ahead

The team is prepared to test themselves against Pallekele, who are presently playing their matches in Sri Lanka, while Pakistan prepares to face India. Due to geopolitical unrest, Pallekele decided not to participate on the tour to Pakistan, which has given the current cricket story an exciting new angle.


1. How did Babar Azam contribute to Pakistan’s victory against Nepal?

Babar Azam’s exceptional leadership and performance as a top-order batsman played a pivotal role. He scored an impressive 151 runs, setting the tone for Pakistan’s triumph.

2. What was Ifthikar Ahmed’s contribution to the match?

Ifthikar Ahmed’s remarkable batting saw him score 109 runs, a crucial partnership that further solidified Pakistan’s position, leading to a strong total of 342-6.

3. What impact did the victory against Nepal have on Pakistan’s confidence?

The victory against Nepal boosted Pakistan’s confidence significantly. Babar Azam expressed how this win served as excellent preparation for their high-stakes match against India.

4. How did Babar Azam approach his innings against Nepal?

Babar Azam entered the crease cautiously, aiming to build a partnership. He struggled initially with the ball’s feel but eventually found his rhythm and guided the innings brilliantly.

5. What challenges did Pakistan face in the match against Nepal?

Despite losing both opening batsmen early, Babar Azam’s partnership with Mohammad Rizwan and later with Ifthikar Ahmed helped Pakistan overcome the initial setbacks.



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