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Alan Hamel Heartfelt Gift to Suzanne Somers

Alan Hamel: A Lasting Legacy of Love and Resilience

Susan Somers, the beloved actress known for her roles in “Threes Company” and “Step by Step,” left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Her journey was one of courage and strength, as she battled breast cancer for over 23 years. On the eve of her 77th birthday, a day before her passing, her husband Alan Hamel bestowed upon her a heartfelt birthday gift.

A Poetic Gesture of Love

In an intimate revelation, it was disclosed that Hamel presented the “Threes Company” star with a handwritten love poem, delicately penned amidst her favorite pink rose petals. This tender act was a testament to the enduring love they shared, even in the face of adversity.

A Farewell Embrace in the Desert Oasis

Tragically, Susan Somers’ journey came to an end in the serene embrace of their new “All Green Home” in Palm Springs. It was here, amidst the tranquil desert backdrop, that she peacefully transitioned in the early hours of Sunday.

A Life Celebrated, Not Mourned

Rather than mourning her loss, Somers’ family and close friends gathered on Monday, not for a somber farewell, but to celebrate her extraordinary life. They sought to extend their gratitude to the millions of fans and followers who held her in deep affection.

A Love Story for the Ages

Susan Somers and Alan Hamel’s love story began in 1969, culminating in their union in 1977. Their enduring commitment to each other was a beacon of inspiration, having spent every hour of every day together for over 37 years.

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A Dance of Romance and Connection

Their nightly routine included crafting delectable meals together, igniting the flame of romance that kept their love alive. Their evenings were spent enveloped in music, sharing tender moments, and reveling in the joy of each other’s company.

Life is good, Somers remarked, reflecting on their shared moments.

A Home Filled with Laughter and Love

Didn’t go to the sofa at all, did we? She made humorous fun of her spouse, implying that they preferred the warmth of one other’s arms over the limits of furniture.

An Everlasting Love

In a heartfelt note, Hamel expressed, “I could have gone on forever, but you understood. How can I put into words the depth of my love for my wife Susan? Is there a version of this word that applies to her? A resounding no!!!! I use the word advisedly, even applying it with care according to counsel.”

A Legacy of Inspiration

Susan Somers’ passing on the morning of October 15th marked the culmination of a valiant battle against aggressive breast cancer. Her family, friends, and devoted fans gathered on October 16th to celebrate her 77th birthday in her honor. Instead of dwelling on her departure, they aimed to express gratitude to those who held her in deep affection.

Honoring Susan Somers

Somers is remembered not only for her roles in “Threes Company” and “Step by Step,” but also for the resilience and strength she exemplified throughout her journey. A private family farewell will be followed by a commemorative event in November, dedicated to her memory.


Q: Who was Susan Somers and what were her notable roles?

A: Susan Somers was a beloved actress known for her roles in “Threes Company” and “Step by Step.”

Q: How long did Susan Somers battle breast cancer?

A: Susan Somers displayed incredible strength, fighting breast cancer for over 23 years.

Q: What was the heartfelt gift given by Alan Hamel to Susan Somers?

A: Alan Hamel presented Susan with a handwritten love poem on the eve of her 77th birthday.

Q: Where did Susan Somers pass away?

A: Susan Somers peacefully transitioned in their new “All Green Home” in Palm Springs.

Q: How long were Susan Somers and Alan Hamel together?

A: Susan Somers and Alan Hamel shared an enduring commitment, spending over 37 years together.



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