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Aeroflex Allotment Status: Get the Latest GMP and Updates – Invest Wisely

Aeroflex Allotment Status

is set to launch its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on both the NSE and BSE platforms. This IPO consists of a fresh issue size of ₹162.00 crores and an offer-for-sale (OFS) size of ₹189.00 crores, totaling both equity shares. The IPO application period is from August 22nd to August 24th, 2023. Each share is priced at ₹2, and the IPO price range is between ₹102 to ₹108 per share, with a minimum lot size of 130 shares or multiples thereof. 

Should I Apply for AeroFlex Industries IPO?

We have gathered a total of 6 recommendations for the AeroFlex Industries IPO. Out of the 6, 3 financial institutions/analysts have recommended subscription, 2 have suggested applying in May (50-50), 0 have given an avoid rating, and 1 hasn’t provided any rating.

In terms of percentage, 50% of institutions have rated the AeroFlex Industries IPO for subscription. Here, we have covered research analysts’ notes on the AeroFlex Industries IPO and provided their recommendations.

These research notes will give you a 360-degree view of the AeroFlex Industries IPO. Some research analysts give clear suggestions, while others provide comprehensive analysis for you to make informed decisions.

We make an effort to add information upon receipt of documents. The latest GMP for AeroFlex Industries’ IPO is ₹58 (+/-) today, last updated on August 21, 2023, at 11:58 AM.

Considering the price band of ₹108.00, the estimated listing price for the AeroFlex Industries IPO is ₹166 (Cap price + today’s GMP). In terms of percentage, the expected profit/loss per share is 53.70%. Under Retail Trading for the AeroFlex Industries IPO: ₹5700, and under Small HNI Trading: ₹85500.

We update the GMP on a daily basis and based on the grey market activities of the last 12 sessions, today’s IPO GMP indicates a bullish trend and anticipates a strong listing. Along with this, it is recommended that retail investors apply to this IPO with full strength. The lowest GMP is recorded at ₹17, while the highest GMP is ₹68. Stay with us to know AeroFlex Industries IPO’s GMP performance and expected listing price. Aeroflex Allotment Status is 29 Aug 2023.

Aeroflex Allotment Status

AeroFlex Industries IPO Details:

The AeroFlex Industries IPO details include issue size, issue price, discount information, minimum and maximum order quantity, promoter details, NSE and BSE codes.

IPO DetailsValues
IPO IPO Open Date22nd Aug 2023
IPO IPO Close Date24th Aug 2023
IPO Issue Size₹351.00 Cr
IPO Issue Price₹102.00-108.00
Market Lot130 Shares

Aeroflex Industries IPO Dates

Latest and updated information about Aeroflex Industries IPO. Dates are updated as they are announced.

IPO ActivityDate
IPO Open Date22-08-2023
IPO Close Date24-08-2023
Basis of Allotment Finalisation Date*29-08-2023
Refunds Initiation*30-08-2023
Credit of Shares to Demat Account*31-08-2023
IPO Listing Date*01-09-2023
GMP DateGMPSub2 Sauda RateEstimated Listing PriceLast Updated Time
21-08-2023₹58 5700/85500₹166 (53.70%)21-Aug-2023 10:58:16 AM
20-08-2023₹61 6000/90000₹169 (56.48%)20-Aug-2023 11:27:17 PM
19-08-2023₹66 6500/97500₹174 (61.11%)19-Aug-2023 11:27:17 PM
18-08-2023₹68 6700/100500₹176 (62.96%)18-Aug-2023 11:29:17 PM
17-08-2023₹68  6700/100500₹176 (62.96%)17-Aug-2023 11:25:17 PM
16-08-2023₹62  6100/91500₹170 (57.41%)16-Aug-2023 11:24:17 PM
15-08-2023₹55  5400/81000₹163 (50.93%)15-Aug-2023 11:28:17 PM
14-08-2023₹40  4000/60000₹148 (37.04%)14-Aug-2023 11:29:17 PM
13-08-2023₹20  2000/30000₹128 (18.52%)13-Aug-2023 11:23:17 PM
12-08-2023₹20  ₹20 (18.52%)12-Aug-2023 11:29:17 PM
11-08-2023₹17 ₹17 (18.52%)11-Aug-2023 11:28:17 PM
10-08-2023₹20 ₹20 (18.52%)10-Aug-2023 11:23:17 PM


1. What is Aeroflex Allotment Status?

Aeroflex Allotment Status refers to the current allocation of shares to investors who have applied for them during the initial public offering (IPO) of Aeroflex company.

2. How can I check the Aeroflex Allotment Status?

You can check the Aeroflex Allotment Status by visiting the official website of the company or the registrar’s website. You’ll need your application or PAN number to access the status.

3. What is GMP in relation to Aeroflex Allotment?

GMP stands for “Grey Market Premium.” It indicates the difference between the market price of shares in the unofficial market and the IPO price. It can give you an idea of investor sentiment.

4. When is the Aeroflex Allotment Status typically announced?

The Aeroflex Allotment Status is usually announced a few days after the IPO subscription window closes. The exact date can vary and will be communicated by the company.

5. What should I do if my application is not allotted any shares?

If your application is not allotted any shares, you will receive a refund of the amount you paid during the IPO application. You can also consider investing in the secondary market if you’re still interested in purchasing shares.



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