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The Nun 2 – Release Date and Movie Review 2023


The Nun 2 arrives in cinemas like a solemn procession, its dark, foreboding presence promising to send shivers down your spine. However, as the doors of fear slowly creak open, deciphering Deja Vu becomes challenging. This next installment of 2018’s ‘The Nun’ takes us back to the terrifying world of Valak, but instead of evolving, it feels like a familiar haunted house journey – ominous yet ultimately anticipated. Directed by Michael Chaves and led by Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, and Bonnie Aarons, this installment, with its specialty in gothic supernatural terror, is deeply immersed in ‘The Conjuring Universe.’

Has ‘The Nun 2’ Surpassed its Predecessor?

Let’s delve into the unholy habits of ‘The Nun 2.’

What’s ‘The Nun 2’ About?

The film picks up four years after the events of its predecessor, with Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) once again grappling with the unholy machinations of Valak, the titular nun, in a French boarding school. Within this setting lies a definite potential to unearth the secrets surrounding Valak’s past and the cursed abbey. However, as we tread the eerie corridors and dimly lit classrooms of the school, the promise of a deep and thrilling narrative quickly fades.

Fright Factor Intimidates

Jump scares, a staple of modern horror cinema, are aplenty here, and it’s evident that they were meticulously scheduled in the script. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of the surprising elements that truly make them terrifying. Instead, they arrive as predictably as the tolling of a church bell and snatch away any real mystery from the film.

The ambiance, at least initially, succeeds in creating an unstable backdrop for impending horror. The school’s eerie hallways and dimly lit classrooms provide an unstable canvas for the impending dread. The use of light is generally effective. However, as the film progresses, Valak’s actions become less menacing, feeling more like a rehearsed routine than a genuinely foreboding presence. The sense of foreboding gradually dissipates as Valak’s presence transitions from eerie to, well, nun-terrifying.

The Nun 2 Release Date

A Lackluster Conclusion

The climax of the film, undoubtedly its most crucial moment, is a rushed affair that leaves much to be desired. It feels as if the producers were in a hurry to complete their checklists before the chimes of discussion rang out. The emotional weight and depth necessary to truly make the revelations and collisions impactful are absent, resulting in an ending that feels contrived and hurried.

Strong Acting, but Something’s Missing

On the performance front, the cast delivers commendable performances. Farmiga, in particular, imbues Sister Irene with a resolute determination and an air of vulnerability that resonates. However, their efforts are hampered by a script that fails to provide them with the material needed to shine. The actors’ endeavors can’t save a narrative that feels like it’s been exhumed from the cinematic graveyard of clich├ęd horror films.

In the end, ‘The Nun 2’ feels like an admission that the conjurers behind it have veered off course – it feels as though the creators owe an apology to their cinematic sins. It’s a missed opportunity in a genre that could benefit from fresh, original voices.


1. What is ‘The Nun 2’ about?

  • ‘The Nun 2’ is a horror film that picks up four years after the events of its predecessor. Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, finds herself once again confronting the malevolent forces surrounding Valak, the titular nun, in a French boarding school. The story unravels the secrets of Valak’s past and the cursed abbey.

2. How does ‘The Nun 2’ compare to its predecessor?

  • While ‘The Nun 2’ delves deeper into the lore of Valak and the cursed abbey, it struggles to maintain the same level of terror and suspense as its predecessor. The film employs jump scares, a common element in modern horror cinema, but these moments often feel predictable, diminishing their impact.

3. What can viewers expect in terms of atmosphere and setting?

  • The film initially creates an unsettling atmosphere with its portrayal of the eerie hallways and dimly lit classrooms of the boarding school. The use of lighting is effective in generating an atmosphere of foreboding. However, as the story progresses, the sense of impending dread wanes, and Valak’s presence becomes less menacing.

4. How does the film conclude?

  • The climax of ‘The Nun 2’ is a rushed affair that leaves much to be desired. It feels as if the filmmakers were in a hurry to tie up loose ends, resulting in a conclusion that lacks the emotional depth and impact needed to resonate with viewers.

5. How do the actors perform in ‘The Nun 2’?

  • The cast, including Taissa Farmiga, delivers commendable performances. Farmiga brings a combination of determination and vulnerability to her portrayal of Sister Irene. However, the actors are hindered by a script that doesn’t provide them with the material necessary to truly shine.


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